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Broads’ Word Ensemble is proud to announce that Fifty Shades of Shrew won The Encore! Producers’ Award for Fringe 2015. We’ll be back at The Lounge Theater for two performances only. Did you miss our original run? Want to see us again? See ticket information below.


Saturday, August 1st 4:00 pm
Sunday, August 2nd 1:00 pm

At the Lounge Theatre 1 in Hollywood
6201 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Please be aware parking can be a challenge, and there will be no late seating.

“Place your hands below your husband’s foot.” Surely a controversial statement in Shakespeare’s time, in today’s world it is hopelessly misogynistic. Unless… What if Katharina is a submissive in search of her Dominant? What if Bianca is a Dom auditioning subs? With the success of Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM is front and center in the public consciousness, but is still largely misunderstood.  Broads’ Word Theatre sets Shakespeare’s outdated Taming of the Shrew in a BDSM dungeon, where the all-female cast investigates the dynamics of power and submission with a modern fearlessness.

Producers “The Broads”
Jen Albert (Katharina)
Dawn Sam Alden (Petruchio)
Lacy Altwine (Baptista)
Dana DeRuyck (Lucentio)
Tara Donovan (Bianca)
Sylvia Loehndorf (Grumio)
Danielle Ozymandias, Director

The Cast
Marian Gonzalez (Pedant/Widow)
Marti Hale (Gremio)
Maikiko James (Biondello/Servant)
Esther Mira (Hortensio)
Lisagaye Tomlinson (Curtis/Tailor/Vincentio)
Shana Gregory Williams (Tranio)

Fifty Shades of Shrew Encore!
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