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Excerpts from Theatre Ghost’s Review. Read the full review.

“Under director Frances Loy, the actors (Kristin Carey-Hall, Esther Mira, Jen Albert and Natalia Ochoa) have woven a close ensemble:  They let the story flow among them, shifting speed and intensity, never losing momentum.  Each actor etches a distinct yet mysterious character on our minds, holding secrets and yielding them up as she confronts the others — and the steadily increasing terror of their situation.”

“From the start, the familiar yet disconcerting set, designed by Aaron Lyons (Did somebody let a guy in here?) and masterfully painted by Caitlin McCarthy, prevents us from settling in comfortably. And the sound design (also by Lyons) keeps suggesting resonances far beyond the seemingly everyday things we’re seeing. Brava! to Rice (Play Nice!, Alice in Black and White) for writing a deceptively simple, gripping meditation on our mortality. And to Broads’ Word for sharing it — and their rich talents — with us. This is theatre speaking from our moment to the ages.”

Review: Women w/o Walls – Speaking to the Ages
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