After three successful productions in two years, Broads’ Word Ensemble launches a fundraising campaign alongside their season announcement.

In the spring, Broads’ Word Ensemble presents the West Coast premiere of Barbara Kahn’s docu-comedy The Lady Was a Gentleman. The play follows one of America’s greatest unknown actresses of the 1800’s, Charlotte Cushman–a lesbian who played both male and female roles– as she encounters a host of other women in an examination of love, identity, race, and gender during a time when such issues were overwhelmingly repressed. Khan states “Sending Charlotte Cushman to her West Coast premiere in the title role of my play The Lady Was a Gentleman is a thrill for this playwright, who hopes to make my ‘in person’ premiere visit to the West Coast with Charlotte.”

In June, Broads’ Word Ensemble will return to the Hollywood Fringe Festival with what American Theatre calls “the other canon,” a classic by a female playwright. Details will be announced in the spring.

Lastly, in the fall, Broads’ Word Ensemble will partner with the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative (LAFPI) to host a staged reading festival for original 10-minute plays or short excerpts from original full-length scripts by Los Angeles-based female playwrights.  LAFPI co-founder Jennie Webb is “way, way past pleased to be collaborating with Broads’ Word in 2017 on an event that’s all about getting women’s stories and voices out there–specifically the varied voices of our amazing LA playwrights!”

Critics have raved about Broads’ Word Ensemble’s work on stage, recognizing their mission to put women’s stories on stage and start a dialogue about the roles they play. Past Productions:  Fifty Shades of Shrew (HFF 2015) “creates some very, very interesting and worthwhile dialogue on the subject of relationships”; Women w/o Walls (2015)demonstrating what women can do, and are doing, as artists right now”; and Must Be Comfortable With (HFF 2016) “A smack-down of epic proportions of the women’s theatrical casting scene.”

To support change in entertainment and bring more women’s stories to the stage, please consider a tax-deductible donation through the Fractured Atlas sponsored Indiegogo campaign here:

Broads’ Word Ensemble is a Los Angeles based company that produces theatre by and about women, for everyone. In a theatrical climate where there is always an abundance of talented actresses and often too few good roles for them to bring to life, Broads’ Word Ensemble is dedicated to letting those actresses shine in a way you’ve never seen them before.

Announcing Our 2017 Season and Crowdfunding Campaign
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