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Excerpts from Gia on the Move’s review by Tracey Paleo. Click here to read the full review.

Broads’ Word Ensemble “returns to the Hollywood Fringe Festival with a smack-down of epic proportions of the women’s theatrical casting scene. Must Be Comfortable With, is a behind-the-not-so-closed-doors look of what it’s really like to be a female participating in today’s violently misogynistic mainstream media atmosphere.

Directed by Daniel Ozymandias, Must Be Comfortable With goes well beyond the territory of public perception feminism with it’s 100% accurate casting/audition/interview dialogues and visuals and scenarios, including the recent Profiles/Bitter Lemons debate which set the theatrical world on fire, it is a humorous, satirical attempt to reclaim their bodies and themselves which sits right on the doorstep of every woman who has experienced sexism and more in the entertainment industry and really beyond.”

Highly Recommended

Review: Must be Comfortable With – Smack-down of Epic Proportions
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