Excerpts from Theatre Ghost’s review. Click here to read the full review.

It’s common to compare theatrical comedies to desserts — both are often artful, sweet confections enjoyed after dinner.  But the best comedies slip a little mickey in between the pastry layers, like a brandy Napoleon or a mocha tiramisu.

The Lady Was a Gentleman, currently onstage at the Dorie Theatre in Hollywood, is that kind of comedy.  More like a tiramisu, I’d say, because like the espresso hidden in the mocha, it contains elements that may, hours later, keep you awake and pondering.

Nothing stalls, nor is awkward or contrived; all happens as it must, and percolates along satisfyingly.  Broad’s Word gives Kahn’s timely tale a sure-handed, playful West Coast premiere, and in so doing give a good account of themselves.

Review: The Lady was a Gentleman – Confection with a Kick
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