Excerpts from Night-Tinted Glasses’s review. Click here to read the full review.

Although the writing is witty, the cast very good indeed, the directing (by Kate Motzenbacker) smooth and ‘on point,’ methinks an undeniable part of the play’s appeal remains how it ventures into a world forgotten and denied by history.  Honestly, one sometimes gets the impression lesbians suddenly appeared out of nowhere to star in deliciously trashy novels in the 1950s.  Or that same sex marriage was invented in our lifetimes.  I mentioned this play to a co-worker, describing the little I knew at the time regarding the plot, and this person replied “There were actresses way back then?” Yeah.  True story.

Which is not a criticism!  Rather a comment on something which gives a frisson of the forbidden, a spotlight into a part of life consigned to shadows, plus a celebration of both past and present.

Review: The Lady was a Gentleman – A Gentle and Cutting Romantic Farce
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